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Meet The Team

Anthony Curiel
Anthony Curiel Owner
Anthony manages all daily operations and staff. Anthony Curiel is an experienced and proven diesel and automobile general manager with operations and management experience. Anthony has over 14 years of automotive experience with a focus particularly on diesel trucks. Anthony’s first experience was in his own garage. Anthony’s Pro Auto empowers his passion for making things work. Anthony owns and works on anything that moves including motorcycles, boats, campers, ATV’s, snowmobiles, automobiles and trucks. If he is not here he is likely out enjoying Colorado’s off-roads or waterways.
Barbara Curiel, MD
Barbara Curiel, MDOwner
Barbara provides her expertise in team building, culture, leadership while managing the opportunities and threats. Barbara’s expertise is in corporate leadership, practice transformation, and change management. She has most recently led both clinical and administrative programs at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Barbara has led the financing and accounting support of Anthony’s Pro Auto. Her vision helped create a place for not only the latest technology-driven services but also a place that invites and welcomes all customers, especially women and children. Barb enjoys hiking outdoors, games and puzzles, and cooking for our family.
Antonio Curiel
Antonio CurielOwner
Antonio oversees and manages finances, operations, and business strategy. Antonio is a proven business leader. He has successfully founded, operated, and grown Great Solutions, LLC for over 20 years. His experience includes business management, employees, contractors, marketing, and accounting. Antonio drives technology solutions for Anthony’s Pro Auto with a focus on security, technology, and communication. Antonio’s vision and drive created our customer communication tools allowing us to excel with instant text and email written quotes, photos, and professional car advice using the latest technology available. Antonio loves sports, especially football and tennis, and enjoys spending time with our family.

Chris is our shop foreman.  Chris brings over 14 years of experience and expertise as a mechanic to our shop.  Chris is a leader in the shop, managing job flows and repairs. He understands problem-solving for engines as well as communicating his mechanical knowledge to our customers. He has multiple ASE certifications and current AC service certifications.  Chris “loves working on anything,” but his customers know he understands diesel and loves working on light-duty trucks. On a weekend Chris may be kayaking, golfing, camping, or fishing—something usually outdoors in Colorado.